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How can I trust your sex doll company?

Ben Gray
Apr 3, 2019 16:12

Thank you for your question about sex dolls, this is a very good question. Knowing that spending thousands of dollars on online TPE sex doll is a well-thought-out thing. Many people have such concerns about online shipments. We understand your concerns. Integrity is a prerequisite for business growth. We operate legally and treat all customers equally. Please trust our products and services. We are a professional sex doll wholesaler and retailer. We have more than six years of delivery dolls to the United States, Canada, and the experience of major European countries. So far, there is no bad feedback about parcels, transportation or customs. More importantly, we will choose the most suitable transportation according to the buyer's requirements and local customs policy, please don't worry about shipping and customs clearance. Therefore, you only need to believe in us. We can send your favorite dolls to any location. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Alan Ted
Aug 01, 2019 15:15

The price of a sex doll is not the main one. Many buyers focus on Asian looks, design and styling. Here, every detail of realism is concerned, so intimate entertainment will be more natural. Beauty can have three or one holes, made by experienced artists - everything is similar, each fold, shape and tone.