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Can women use sex dolls?

Tracy Max
Apr 6, 2019 15:48

Of course, women can buy and use their own sex doll, which is beyond doubt. The urdolls store contains a collection of male dolls, all of which are male dolls. They have strong muscles and huge cocks, and we have a lot of female customers. These dolls are made and manufactured for women. Sex dolls are a great way to meet one's mental health needs. They can give you the best companionship. It is now a gender-equal society where women have the right to buy sex dolls and enjoy the benefits of sex dolls.

Alan Ted
Aug 01, 2019 15:49

If you think that sex dolls are only made for men or lesbians, because only female sex dolls are available, you are completely wrong. Sex dolls have male, female and male genders. So basically, you can make your fantasies wild and enjoy some of the most exquisite fantasy with sex dolls.