Can sex dolls really satisfy my impulse to surpass masturbation?

Ben Gray
Feb 18, 2019 19:49

The question of whether sex dolls can provide fun beyond masturbation varies from person to person. Different people may get different answers. But most of our mini 100cm doll tell us. They are very satisfied. These dolls Give them a special enjoyment. This kind of fun can't be achieved by masturbation. Thousands of men all over the world like the experience gained from sex dolls and regard it as the best way to satisfy impulsiveness. Do you still have doubts, you need to know that you can understand the feeling only if you have experienced it yourself.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 15:29

My sex dolls have made my loneliness uncontrollable for at least most of the time. Look, there are at least a hundred acres around my home. In fact, my neighbors also have a hundred acres or more, making my region a small population. In any case, since the woman here is married or taken away, no one else can establish a relationship with it. Feeling quite lonely, I bought a high-end silicone doll that meets my desires and needs.