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Can my sex doll get a real feeling of body heat?

Ben Gray
Sep 10, 2019 19:57

With the development of these dolls, you can actually get what you want at a very affordable price. Through the online website, you can choose from a variety of sex dolls, from which you can easily choose the doll that suits your needs and budget. The price of raw materials for silicone dolls is several times that of TPE dolls; silicone dolls are also much more expensive than TPE.

Tab Conan
Jan 24, 2019 21:03

Of course, there are many ways to make a sex doll touch the body temperature of the real person. The first is that you can purchase the heating device yourself. Such as electric blankets. Secondly, you can make custom dolls. At the same time, add heating function to your doll's customized list. But you must pay attention to the fact that the temperature can not be too high, because the temperature may be too high. Melt or warp the body parts of the doll. This will damage your new doll. Be careful to supervise your doll as you heat up your body.

Alan Ted
Jan 31, 2019 14:43

Some styles of urdolls' sex dolls will give you a vaginal heating stick. If you want to have a temperature and a better experience when you use dolls, you can use this. But you need to pay attention to supervising your doll heating process. You can check if the doll is equipped with a vaginal heating stick in the doll's packing list, or you can contact us by email and we will recommend the best style for you.

Don Webb
Feb 13, 2019 17:32

Silicone dolls will have an advantage in heating objects. Due to the nature of the silicone material, it will be more heat resistant and will eventually be better. It will give you what you want. When you choose to use TPE when the doll is heated, you will notice that it is softer. But you will also know that it is not heat resistant. Higher temperatures may melt the skin. This is a very bad situation, this is not the result we want.

Don Webb
Jul 19, 2019 15:26

We have developed some high-end sex doll with customizable heating features. It is done by the heating element in the body and can simulate the skin temperature of a real human body. There are also many precautions in the process of heating to avoid any accidents in the doll.