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Why do I see that some people can have multiple sex dolls?

Ben Gray
Feb 18, 2019 19:28

Sex dolls can play various roles in human life. They have many functions to meet people's needs. Because everyone has different emotions and hobbies in some aspects of life. Our mini 100cm doll, Many people buy more than one. Some people buy multiple sex dolls to satisfy their sexual desires. He can enjoy the feeling of making love with different sex dolls every day. In his sex doll world, he is the king. There are some people who buy more. Personalized dolls are their own family. For example, his wife, sister or sister. He can have dinner with his family. So depending on your specific needs, you can have different collections at any given time.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 15:21

Because I am satisfied with my high-end dolls now, I don't think I need to go out and look for a date. I can stay at home and do what I like. If you live like me, sex dolls are great. Your doll will stay young forever.

Tab Conan
Sep 26, 2019 19:01

Sex dolls are becoming more and more common - especially with the rise of artificial intelligence. Sometimes they cause laughter and suspicion, sometimes they are true curiosity and obsession. Sex dolls provide you with a platform to learn how to deal with women without having to worry about failure or being tried. Single and married men like real sex dolls. There are countless possibilities for using these dolls correctly.