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Can sex dolls solve the problem of loneliness in the elderly?

Ben Gray
Apr 11, 2019 20:45

There is no doubt that sex doll can heal the loneliness of the elderly. Sex dolls have many advantages and bring convenience and advanced experience to many customers. They offer a great option to explore the new experiences of couples and singles who need to act as partners. Sex dolls can be a good proxy for single men or couples. Especially for single men, they can help with loneliness, especially widows. They help relieve depression and anxiety, and even reduce the pressure to find women, make you more independent, and less prone to "stupid moments."

Don Webb
Aug 5, 2019 18:55

The reason that sex dolls are so unique and interesting is that they can look like they want, and they add a lot to your relationship. They can do whatever you want, no matter how crazy or strange the situation or fantasy.