What is the process of buying a doll?

Tab Conan
Jan 24, 2019 20:52

We have summarized the complete process of the user buying a doll, which is very simple: First, choose the style you like. You can choose the perfect lover you imagine based on the various doll categories on the urdolls website. If you don't know the specific style you want, you can browse our hot products, etc. They are other users who buy more styles on our website. Once you see your favorite dolls, start customizing and choosing your preferences.

Don Webb
Jul 19, 2019 15:08

During the manufacturing process, we will send updates about your dolls, and in some cases we may even send you a picture of the ongoing doll status. Once your sex doll is shipped to you, you will receive a confirmation email with shipping details and tracking number. You will receive your dream doll and start playing together.