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Is it better for my sex doll to have a standing foot?

Don Webb
Jan 28, 2019 17:13

The standing feet are mainly to strengthen the skeleton of the sex doll's foot, adding 3 protruding studs to ensure stability. The dolls with standing feet can stand alone. They will be more realistic when standing. It allows you to take pictures as much as you can. It is more convenient for you to dress your dolls. Some dolls don't have the option of standing feet. For the dolls there are options for standing feet. You can find out more about the product options.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 13:33

It depends on whether you have customized the standing foot option for sex dolls. Do you want to get a standing sex doll? If you are looking for photography, we recommend that you customize your standing feet if you are in a sexual relationship. Sexual dolls that don't stand will be softer.

Alan Ted
Sep 20, 2019 17:53

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