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Why do I need to have sex dolls?

Don Webb
Mar 20, 2019 18:36

Sex dolls are gradually accepted by the public. I believe that you are no stranger to sex dolls. When you have your own sex dolls, you can try any position you want and use them to live all the wild fantasy. . They can be done on the front and back. Play these climaxes anytime, anywhere, day or night. They will never let you know that they have a headache. 2018 best sale 100cm-140cm doll is very easy to clean and maintain. You don't need to use a condom. You can practice regularly to take your sexual endurance to a whole new level. Unlike women, these sex dolls never ask for anything, and they won't stop you from seeing other women. No need to worry about pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases or dirty. Sex dolls can also provide you with a lot of fun. Waiting for you to discover.

Ben Gray
Jul 27, 2019 11:04

Sex doll are good, I don't just say how good they are working in bed. They can help you achieve some very crazy fantasies, I will introduce them later, but let's talk about a lot of people who usually use and own sex dolls. The widow has suffered a heavy blow to her life. They still have sexual needs, but are not ready to shift emotionally from their partners. They can't put themselves into one person, but they want a way to satisfy their feelings and needs. Sex dolls are perfect.