Personal information

  • Name:Nancy Nick
  • Birthday:Sep 7
  • Hobbies:Cold environment
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Nister Royal

Name:Nancy Nick

Name:Nancy Nick


Background information about Nancy Nick:

Nancy is an ice-and-yellow jade, ignores the earthly world, and is not easy to get close to. It is like being wrapped in ice, indifferent and alienated, and only likes to live in his own world. The character is solitary and cold, does not eat human fireworks, and loves the cold environment. Only the glaciers and water princes will show different emotions. She is a very realistic sex doll.
"You are willing to fight for my sword, recover lost ground, and rebuild the dynasty with me, my warrior." Nancy told the people below.
She attaches great importance to the commitment and adheres to the principle. As long as the agreement is made, she will abide by the agreement, and at the same time, the person who promises her can not violate it. Because the human beings ruined the natural environment and the power weakened and exited the Lingxi Pavilion, they were replaced by followers. At this time, the entourage strength has surpassed the princess. The strength of the princess is weaker than that of the followers. However, because of his noble status, the character is still the pride of the princess. "This is the request of my princess, you must promise."
She is the only princess in the medieval Nester royal family. She is also the only one who survived the current royal family. Not long ago, the royal family was killed by traitors. The other members of the royal family were killed. Only Princess Nancy went out to play. When she knew the royal family, she vowed that if she could help her revenge, she would recognize him as a king. Be his queen...
She is curious about human beings. After learning that human life is short-lived, she asked Shu Yan, "Do you want to live forever?" Shu Yan said that he wants to grow old with his friends. The princess is very strange and wants to grow old. I am very curious about how human beings exist, and even more wonder why my brother is willing to help humanity.
Do you want to be a strong person? Fight for her? Do you want to experience the feeling of making love with the princess? Her soft big breasts and long, hard nipples may be a combination you don't want to miss. Take her home. Create a dynasty that belongs to you.
The princess is the master of the Ice Crystal Palace, the patron saint of the ice crystal. Ice Crystal Palace is also one of the holy places in Ye Luoli's fairyland where you can't walk freely. Listening to his brother's warnings does not participate in the war between Wonderland Xinling and Mandola. However, in the end, as human beings began to disappear due to the increasing damage to the natural environment, they had to travel to the human world and step into this dispute, but they still hesitated.