Personal information

  • Name:Marcia Ralph
  • Birthday:Oct 1
  • Hobbies:Cooking
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Marcia Ralph

Name:Marcia Ralph


Background information about Marcia Ralph:

The representative color of Marcia is peach color. Her stunt is to break the serious atmosphere. Her preference is happy four-and-a-half (2.25 ping space), hot spring travel, love cooking, giving her own gift. She hates dogs, half a bucket of water Handsome guy and something that hinders the world of two people.She is a very realistic sex doll.
"You dare to play with me. If you win. I am yours tonight. But if you lose, then you are mine tonight." Marcia said in a very flattering voice.
Although she always has a thorny rejection of a thousand miles away, it is essentially a temperamental sister. Although the surface is excellent and ruthless, in the end, I can always choose a reasonable road. I call myself "not cute character." I always feel that I am a bit out of touch with the part of the "girl". When I think about it, it has gradually become a knot.
She is an elf. She is very envious of human sexual life. But only on the 15th of each month, she can become a human form. Occasional opportunities. She knows how to communicate between human figures and elves. Find someone who truly loves her. Make love with him. But she doesn't know where this person is. She only knows that he throws darts very accurately or loves her very much.
So on the 15th of each month, Marcia will become a human form. Put down the ring. The rule is that the person who throws the most darts on the field will have the opportunity to get along with her alone. When people see her big breasts will break the clothes. Big ass. No one can stand it. Do you want to put your tough guy into her tight vagina? Do you want to experience the feeling of making love with the elves? You need to do your best to bring her home.
That private service is a foul, so that the legs are too much, and a healthy boy will always feel a little embarrassed when he looks at that place. Because nature is a mischievous child, I really like to tease serious things. So doing things seriously. Her stunts are sleek to handle everything, and the chain of emergency.