Personal information

  • Name:Jocelyn Cissie
  • Birthday:Aug 16
  • Hobbies:Music
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Jocelyn Cissie

Name:Jocelyn Cissie


Background information about Jocelyn Cissie:

Jocelyn is a kind, gentle and elegant person. Her mouth often has a shallow smile, often with a respectful speech. I always show a gentle smile and always maintain a steady image. Compared with the two emotions, she hopes that the people she likes can be happy. "As long as my favorite person can get happiness, it is the happiest thing for me.
"Want to be a princess should be the dream of every girl. I am no exception. If you are willing to decorate the room for me, I will be very happy." Joslin said.
She is a member of the chorus of Youzhi Primary School. She likes music and language. Her favorite colors are light yellow and white. The favorite flowers are Mulian and Sakura. I like to eat soba noodles and sushi, but I hate green peppers. Good at making Italian food.She is a very realistic sex doll.
Her character is very gentle, good at listening, you can talk to her about any of your troubles. She won't complain about you, nor will it limit your time. All you have to do is remember to take care of her. At home, I always like to wear only loose T-shirts. Pants are optional as it can be inserted at any time. Do you want to know the scenery under the T-shirt? When you touch her, you can obviously feel her. A real touch. The plump D-cup breasts and elastic hips are definitely a combination you should not miss.
She is very fond of photography and always hopes to make a commemorative video of Sakura's recovery of the Kolo. What she most wants is a new video editing machine. She loves and is good at making clothes and often makes it for her sister. She believes that "when doing special things, it is necessary to match the appropriate clothes." She is not good at swimming and can only swim 10 meters.