Personal information

  • Name:Susie Emma
  • Birthday:Oct 9
  • Hobbies:Striptease
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Susie Emma

Name:Susie Emma

Bar dancer

Background information about Susie Emma:

Susie likes to use the same violent tone as a man, the first person is private. If it's frosty, it doesn't matter what it does. Rude, thin and unrelenting, but sometimes it is surprising enough to meet the reaction of the girl. Dry also said that the animal is a rabbit. The fact is that animal feelings are quite animalized. It has nothing to do with likes and dislikes. First, it is divided into the classification of people who can be together and those who do not want to be together. If you are together, you will be accompanied by even hate. The oranges are annoying and the flowers are like. As for the mention of others, I am embarrassed: "I don't know."She is a very realistic sex doll.
"I was born to be an extreme sexual desire. I know how to make a man excited and make him feel like never before," Susie said confidently.
She is currently a stripper in a high-end bar. With the music, she constantly twists her body. Take off a piece of clothing on your body. The mellow huge breasts and hot ass instantly caught everyone's attention. The cheers followed. People can't help but drool. More and more customers are starting to pour wine on her. The breasts and big ass become more elastic. She also became more excited. Everyone wants to take her home. Enjoy this wonderful moment.
There is a pair of green scorpions under the clean hair, and the pupil becomes a "dark eye" with a colorful spiral pattern during the battle. Usually wearing a white kimono, it will add a red jacket when it is cold. Other places look very different from ordinary girls.