Personal information

  • Name:Janice Spense
  • Birthday:Oct 20
  • Hobbies:Eating
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Japan

Name:Janice Spense

Name:Janice Spense

Underwear model

Background information about Janice Spense:

Janice's character is naive, optimistic, and has a good motor. When I was young, I could hear the sounds that others could not hear. The two kittens in the family were adopting them because they heard their voices. After meeting with the famous Bo Cui, knowing that he is a superpower, the power seems to be stronger than Cui. She is a very realistic sex doll.
“Do you want to buy me a lot of underwear? I will make you feel fresh and excited every day.”
Janice is a chubby underwear model. She has a thick, wide butt. She presents a heart shape. It looks mature. This is easy to capture. You can beat her hard. She can do everything you want to do. Do you want to enjoy her sex at home alone?
Her hobby is to dress up cute things, the constellation is Libra, the blood type is B, the favorite pet is the royal Persian cat, the favorite color is white, sky blue, pink, the most annoying color is black, interest is walking, cute Things, her character is more mature, strong and lively.
You can do anything. Of course you can invite her to accompany you to dinner. But Janice often says, "I'm sorry. I might eat a lot. But what I eat will end up on my ass and chest. Don't you want to touch them?... Oh. Damn. I already feel it. Your touch."
She has been confused, worried that others can't accept herself, think that she is a strange person, but after getting the approval of her mother, she will return to the past and lively and cheerful. After that, I worked with my sister to solve different mysterious events and gradually grew up.