Personal information

  • Name:Roxanne William
  • Birthday:Oct 28
  • Hobbies:Motion
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Roxanne William

Name:Roxanne William

College Students

Background information about Roxanne William:

Roxanne loves small animals very much. She used to have a little lion. She was very concerned about the lion and thought it was a symbol of strength. Her appetite is very strong, and her name is "Additional Magic", which has a great interest in collecting recipes. She is a very realistic sex doll.
“Do you want to find your own personal care? If you choose me, you won’t regret it,” Roxanne said.
She has a body that doesn't get fat no matter how overeating. She likes all kinds of dishes, but she doesn't like octopus. I hate shoddy food and have strict requirements for cooking. If the food reaches a high level, the level will drop slightly and it will attract her dissatisfaction and even lead to a crisis of force.
She is a college graduate who is about to graduate. She is currently attending school in New York. The private nursing profession is mainly about how to take care of your inner loneliness and help them open their hearts. So far, she has helped several people get rid of the haze, so she is good at taking care of people's private lives. Especially the elderly. Of course, when you need it, she will use your charming body to let you vent. Her hips are thick and thick, making you feel good and easy to catch. This is a perfect ass. She knows how to get you into a state of excitement. When you and her are defeated, you will always remember that happy moment.
When she sleeps, she dreams of fighting situations and will unconsciously arm. Good at equipment sports and gambling. The kendo is often discussed and guided by partners. Whether it is a ghost card or a 21 point, they are good at it, but the perception of money is thin.