Personal information

  • Name:Yu xuan
  • Birthday:Sep 5
  • Hobbies:Trinkets
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:China

Name:Yu Xuan

Name:Yu Xuan

Pregnant woman

Background information about Yuxuan:

Yuxuan's home economy is not very wealthy. She has worked in a number of old bookstores. She has always adhered to the concept of “hard work and family”, and she has been very careful and has not even bought any decent clothes. I don't spend a lot of money on my own interests like others, and I will hesitate to meet the favorite gadgets. Care for your own tools, but will use them until it is destroyed, which is a matter of course for students with limited funds. She is a very realistic sex doll.
On a sunny morning, you just woke up from your sleep and looked at the pregnant Yu Xuan next to you. You can't help but start to touch her body. "You can alleviate it, don't hurt our baby. Hey, listen. Our baby is kicking my stomach." She whispered to you.
There are two sisters in her family—Five Days and Five More Zhuxi, who love their sister very much. They are a strict gentle sister. Will let the younger sister call her "sister adult". Occasionally, I will find a little girl who is not very sensible, and privately confide some secrets. During the summer vacation, I will accompany my younger sister to the primary school for morning exercises.
Originally living in a place very close to the Gaochun family, it is less than 30 minutes away from the home. It is a rented courtyard. However, since Dad changed the company, he moved into the dormitory of Dad’s company after the summer vacation of Gao Yi, but the new home was moved to Matsudo in Chiba, which is closer to the Gaojiao family. There is a black cat named "Night" in the family.
She is Chinese and came to the United States two years ago. In an accidental opportunity, the two of you met on the street. The two of you fell in love at first sight. Since then, both of you have fallen in love, and the two of you have started living together and enjoying the fun of sex all day long. So she is pregnant with your baby. You have the experience of taking care of pregnant women, looking at her big belly, how do you feel that all day fantasy and pregnant women have sex. When she understands your thoughts, decide to satisfy your fantasies because she has not satisfied you for a long time. You always like her big ass and D cup breasts. Take her back to your home, show your gentleman's demeanor, and love her with heart.