Personal information

  • Name:Sibyl Tracy
  • Birthday:Nov 2
  • Hobbies:Pole dance
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Sibyl Tracy

Name:Sibyl Tracy

Student president

Background information about Sibyl Tracy:

Sibyl's personality is big, it's free to do things, like freedom. Lonely, clumsy, but very free, beautiful everywhere. After accepting my life as a big breast, I still love the strong person who lives as a normal person. Cohabitation's evaluation, she is a scholar who is not conscious of her natural personality.She is a very realistic sex doll.
"Well, I admit, this huge breast makes it difficult for me to buy a suitable bra. It is not convenient to exercise." When we asked her what was wrong, Sibyl told us.
She is a fan of pole dancing. She usually likes to practice in the dance studio. Of course, she doesn't dance to please others, but she feels happy and exercising. She is also installed at home. Dancing equipment. Sometimes she also goes to the bar to dance, but this usually makes the bar vibrant. When she spins on the steel pipe, it looks like a hot angel, so that everyone can't calm down. Because the breast of the E cup is too full, the bra is broken during the dance. The elastic breast suddenly appears suddenly. Come take her home to meet all your sexual fantasies.
She used to live an ordinary life as an ordinary student, but she was born with a brave and unyielding personality, so she adapted to her life. Qingzi has something she believes in her own, and she will carry out the personality of the big girl who always manages the whole. She has a strong personality who is strong and unyielding, and is a talented woman who is the president of the school. From the perspective of some students in the school, she is the perfect president of the student union, and some students admire her and fear her.