Personal information

  • Name:Miranda
  • Birthday:Feb 5
  • Hobbies:Trick or treat
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States




100CM Miranda's information introduction:

Miranda is very easy to make mistakes and is very hard to make mistakes. After being praised, he will blush. A bit slow, 60% of the stairs may also wrestle. The skill of making cakes is still immature, it can be said to be a raw hand, but every day is doing exercises. It has a taste and sensation different from ordinary people. She is a pure little sex doll.
In the daytime, she is an ordinary girl. Her math is very bad, she has only scored 26 points. But sports are very good. Like many girls, she likes to eat snacks, likes to play, likes cute things, and often looks forward to the appearance of Prince Charming, looking forward to romantic love, the little girl's temperament, very cute.
"Please treat me as an adult. I can do what people can do. Don't say that I am a naive person, I grow up, my breasts can prove." When her parents answered, Miranda said . unbelievable. Her breasts are much larger than girls of the same age. Usually she is very naughty. She likes all kinds of destruction. You can know through her bright, big eyes. Her parents have a headache. But her parents are not willing to fight with her. Now her parents are preparing to ask a mentor. They hope that this teacher can help them manage Miranda. Of course, this person must have certain skills. Do you want to be her teacher to teach her? Of course, you can be allowed to make love with her. She won't tell her parents because she seems to be very interested in your body.
She can tell the difference in cheese at once; her grandmother also thinks her tongue is unique. Encouraged by Mr. Amway, she determined the dream of becoming a pastry chef. In order to make a strawberry made by her grandmother who could make her smile come back when she was crying, she had a natural natural stay.