Personal information

  • Name:Viola Bell
  • Birthday:Dec 15
  • Hobbies:Dancing
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United Kingdom

Name:Viola Bell

Name:Viola Bell

Museum lecturer

Background information about Viola Bell:

Viola blood type is type A. The favorite foods are fruit, matcha, and spicy food. The lucky ones are cherry blossoms and mimosa. She has an elegant and quiet character. The most important item for yourself is the ornament of flowers. In the usual days, they are mainly based on learning etiquette. My grandfather used to teach her dance. She is a very realistic sex doll.
"The painting you see now is the work of the master. It describes..." Viola is working intensively. She is a lecturer at the museum. Although today's visitors are only you, she is very focused.
Her family has the pedigree of Kabuki actors, grandfathers are national treasures, fathers and twin brothers are also famous Kabuki actors. I have been learning maiko and dance since I was a child. Because I was born in a family of art and I have a variety of skills, I was considered a Kabuki idol before I entered school.
Explain to you everything in front of you. But your attention is entirely about her. Her clothes are full of plump breasts. It seems to have been broken. You can clearly see the raised nipples. She has a charming curve at the waist. You start to imagine her elastic buttocks.....want to know what happened next, take her home, everything you and she know.
She usually pays great attention to etiquette. Their family lineage is that when the mood is high, the spotlight suddenly appears, and it turns into a Kabuki tone, and then begins to play the "Bei Da Lu Theater". All members of the Peking University Road are like this. But later, because of his love of ancient culture, he became a museum guide.