Personal information

  • Name:Olivia Gresham
  • Birthday:Feb 10
  • Hobbies:Training Leopard
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Olivia Gresham

Name:Olivia Gresham

Animal Trainer

148CM Olivia Gresham's information introduction:

Olivia Gresham looks cute and beautiful in appearance, unlike the one-of-a-kind puppy, but the beauty of the Siamese cat. Unlike the cool facial features, it is not like the princess's jade-like appearance, but it has an extremely rich expression.
She works at the circus. She is a professional leopard trainer. She is currently unable to tame leopards. In the daytime. She likes to tame wild leopards during the day and tame strong people at night. She has been in contact with leopards for a long time. She is also wild like a leopard. She always likes to wear sexy leopard underwear at home.
Her personality is serious, straightforward, and responsible for her work, but she often seems overwhelmed in front of the people she likes, and she is excited to go to the playground. She is very face-to-face. She was once said to have broken herself because she decided to abolish the Ministry, thus creating a false boyfriend. She is also a hidden second disease, because her good friend once inadvertently found her second record.
In order to deal with leopards, I have a special set of methods and techniques. Since I started this work, I have worked with many leopards no matter how fierce they are in front of other trainers. They are gentle cats. Please listen to my password to complete the action. Of course, I did not regard them as animals, but my friends and family. There are no leopards that I can't tame. Not to mention men," Olivia said.
This is a very safe sex doll. The skin is made of TPE material. It is close to human skin. It will not cause any harm to you. It has a height of 148 cm and a weight of 29 kg. She is very light. You can move her anywhere to fight (the sofa is her favorite place.)
Her plump lips are big and wet. She eagerly kissed her mouth and gradually moved down. Neck, chest and abdomen. Finally, reach the lower body and stay there for a long time. You can't wait to tear open the clothes on her...
You will feel happy when you take her home. You can vent your pain and loneliness. When you attack from behind, she will be very happy, your fierce blow, deep tremor will make her tremble, which will definitely make you more excited and happy.