Personal information

  • Name:Nora Hobson
  • Birthday:Sep 3
  • Hobbies:Work
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Russia

Name:Nora Hobson

Name:Nora Hobson

Radio Broadcast Host

158CM Nora Hobson's information introduction

Nora is a cheerful and aggressive, a bit arrogant, and a person with ideas. She is very fond of her work. Because she enjoys it. "My nipples are very sensitive. When a man touches it, it makes them very hard. At the same time I get very wet..." Nora whispered in a sexy voice. She is a pure sex doll.
She is a radio host. At 12 o'clock midnight, she hosted a midnight emotional performance. The purpose of the program is to provide benefits to single people. Let them be comforted in their hearts. On this station, because love is not about gender, but no one has seen her true face. Do you want to bring home the goddess of so many people? When she sits on your penis and moves quickly, you will grab her cute soft breasts. Add her sexy voice...
She attaches great importance to her commitment and adheres to the principle. As long as she has made an agreement, she will abide by the agreement and at the same time demand that the person who promises her can not violate it. Because human beings are ruining the natural environment, she initiated volunteer activities to lead people to maintain the ecological environment. She is curious about men and she says she wants to grow old with her friends.
Nora is a person since she started playing, a person's girlfriend or wife has been very popular with the audience. She instantly attracted many fans. Of course, there are also many women.