Personal information

  • Name:Darlene Philemon
  • Birthday:Sep 2
  • Hobbies:Sexual abuse
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Darlene Philemon

Name:Darlene Philemon


148CM Darlene Philemon's information introduction

Darlene Philemon is the mayor's niece, a mixed-race. Darlene is more mature than its peers. She has excellent physical skills and once played in the home of her uncle (the mayor) and mistakenly believes that she is a Beichuan police officer (of course, the consequences are very serious).
"When we first met, did you fantasize about making love with me all day? You can tie me. Tied to the bed. On a chair or on a stool. Cover my mouth with tape. Hit me with a whip... ... .. .. or you have other more exciting games," said Dallin Philemon.
She is a mentor. She is a very realistic sex doll.But she is different from ordinary tutors. She teaches sexual knowledge courses and always practices with students. She likes sexual abuse. She always tries and innovates different ways of playing. When you hit her violently, her big breasts sway in a hypnotic way. Do you want to be a strong person? Taming the ferocious beast. Take her home to show off the charm of your man. When you have her, you can improve your sexual skills, which is a good investment for you. Many people are fascinated by her fat ass and drooping big breasts. But you are just the luckiest person, because only you can have her.
She has a strong sense of justice and a keen instinct, and volunteering is to be a respected mentor. Darlene's personality is straight, very determined, a girl who dares to express herself. Also very thoughtful.