Personal information

  • Name:Barbara
  • Birthday:Feb 2
  • Hobbies:Masturbation
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States




100CM Barbara's information introduction:

Barbara's character is quiet and gentle, with a good temper, in stark contrast to her good friends. Although quiet and introverted, but strong inside, not timid. The subjectiveness is relatively poor, and he will hesitate when faced with the choice, so he needs to lead the companion who is straight ahead. She has white skin, pale yellow hair, black pupils, and is a beautiful girl with a gentle and tender appearance. Slim and petite sex doll.
Are you looking for a little doll that suits your life partner? If so, then she may be the best person to be a travel companion. As shown, Barbara is a woman who looks pure and lovely. But after learning about her, you will find that she knows sex very well. She will privately watch porn magazines and videotapes privately. Learn a lot of videos inside. Erotic poses. But it has not been practiced yet. She has a pair of prominent C-cup breasts.
She is a sports idiot. If the body is too stiff and bends forward, the hand will not only touch the ground but will also tremble constantly. As for other stretching exercises, it is similar. I can't swim because I have been traumatized by the experience of drowning, I am very afraid of water, and my face is desperately wiped as long as it is splashed by water. The points show a sexy figure and a glamorous temperament, which is very tempting, and the movements of the hands and shoulders are more pitiful. The work uniform is the image at work. In order to comply with the hygiene and convenience regulations, the long hair is bundled.