How to clean my sex doll wig?

Ben Gray
Jan 30, 2019 16:25

To better clean your sex doll wig. First you need to prepare a comb, a mild shampoo, a gentle conditioner. The specific method of operation is to remove the doll's wig, clean it with the prepared shampoo and conditioner, and then dry the wig with moisture. In this process you can use a wig stand so that the wig can dry more quickly. After waiting for the wig to dry, you need to gently comb the hair with a comb. You must show your warm side, otherwise it may cause damage to the wig.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 13:38

Wigs are a must-have item for making sex doll more lifelike. You can prepare a variety of wigs for your sex dolls. This way you can get different styles of girls, satisfying your own fantasies is the most important thing, isn't it?