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How can I dry my doll after cleaning?

Alan Ted
Sep 20, 2019 17:34

In life, it is rare to pursue your own preferences as freely and unrestrictedly as a sex doll. In the trade, cleaning sprays and cleaning cloths as well as special vaginal cleansers are available. Wigs can also be removed, washed and combed. All of our products are customer-centric. All of the inflatable toys available on our website are made of high-quality, durable materials that can be used for long periods of time as long as they are taken care of.

Alan Ted
Feb 1, 2019 16:33

Mastering the correct method of drying the doll will help to extend the life of your doll. First you need to gently pat the water on the doll with a light non-abrasive cloth. In this step you need to be careful not to put too much pressure on the doll. Because its final drying process is best natural. When you complete this step, you need to let the doll sit for a while. In order to achieve the effect of completely natural drying. Finally, you need to apply talcum powder on the doll's body to make it soft and prevent stickiness.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 13:47

Do not use a hair dryer to dry your sex doll as this may damage the doll to varying degrees. You should let it dry naturally in the right place.