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Should I use a lubricant when having sex with a sex doll?

Alan Ted
Sep 20, 2019 17:40

Do you have a crazy fantasy and don't dare to live with your partner? No problem - Sex dolls are a smart choice to try new things. Silica gel and TPE are slightly differently cleaned because silica gel only needs to be sterilized, but TPE requires special detergents. These sexy toys add extra dimension to your energetic, healthy sex life and bring some strong climax.

Tracy Max
Feb 2, 2019 15:50

In order for you to have a better experience, we recommend using a lubricant when having sex with a sex doll. You must only use water-based lubricants because other lubricants are likely to damage your doll. If you don't use a lubricant, too much friction can shorten the life of a sex doll.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 13:53

Lubricants can play a supporting role in your sexual relationship with a sex doll. It can help you with the passion of the doll. Of course you should use lubricants, depending on your choice.