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Do You Feel Any Emotion After D Cup Sex Doll Disappears



Another common reaction might be to "get one and then you will understand. Maybe many of us were originally getting a sex doll because of lust. But when she sat there and was not angry and asked to do something, we might It will change like her. My basic belief is that the doll does a better job for us. How can a researcher who has not touched a doll in the same room feel like he can only see black and white trying to study the people they have heard? People who see colors. Do you have imagination? If you do, I think to buy/borrow a life-size doll, male or female, put them in the clothes of your choice. Then put the sex dolls in It’s in your interest to be on the couch or somewhere in the house for a few weeks. You don’t need to do anything, just need to be there.

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Then answer these questions after two weeks. Have you named the sex doll? Do you have any reason to tell anyone about this doll. After the initial dressing, did you change the appearance of the doll (clothing/makeup/hair ETC) for any reason? Have you ever encountered a doll? Not necessarily in a sexual manner, but even a tap or stroke. Have you talked to the doll? Yes, this includes being in a happy, boring, frustrating moment, or just being angry with someone you can't yell. How do you feel about the doll, positive or negative? When the doll leaves, do you feel any emotion after the doll disappears. When a sex doll is by your side, do you realize that "someone" is with you. I am really interested in the results of this experiment.

2019-08-13 06:30:34

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