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I Need A Better Quality D Cup Sex Doll



I heard that there are two stories about using cosmetics on TPE and silicone dolls. It can be used for TPE, while the other says that using cosmetics on TPE is very tricky and permanent. All the methods I want are to use lip gloss or lipstick to fit any wig combination she wears. I also want to paint her nails black, I don't mind it is permanent, because it is the only color I want them. In addition, I may want to do something to smear the blue eyeshadow worn by the sex doll. But it depends on the appearance of the various wigs.

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Cosmetics work fine on TPE sex dolls, even lipsticks. Buy a $2 odorless mineral oil at the hardware store. It can remove tpe or even clothing stains, but don't expect this. I pierced my TPE doll ear. Then I finally pulled a bit in her ear. Not sure if the two are relevant, but it may be. Wear during the game may be a good idea. As for the tattoo, I tried a temporary tattoo of silicone and tpe. It does not seem to be very well bonded and almost immediately becomes cracked and peeled off. Maybe there are some tricks I don't know, or I need a temporary tattoo with better quality. If you are an artist, you might draw a tattoo with a permanent mark and then occasionally touch it. My guess is that piercing a TPE sex doll is a good thing. But you must be very careful not to grab anything.

2019-08-13 06:01:30

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