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I Have Two Lovely Sisters D Cup Sex Doll



Media misunderstanding: What misunderstandings are most troublesome for sex doll owners. I hope that you all feel very happy. By the way, I have started to use the very good idea of ​​sex dolls to read the previous posts, instead of having everyone respond to themselves to respond to the FAQs of the researcher's doll owners. Anyway, I want to know that the misunderstanding of the sex dolls in the media is the most troublesome. The media I refer to mainstream media - such as magazine articles, online articles, television, etc.

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The point I want to emphasize is that I am not from that kind of media. I am a sex doll scholar/researcher, not a reporter. Anyway - Media misunderstanding: In your opinion, what are these and what misunderstandings are most troublesome for you? This 5-foot little girl is very good. The real doll body 4/5, boy toys also belong to this type. The face of a sex doll is like an art sculpture. His body is so sexy. They are like "attic" models. I have two cute doll sisters. They are sculptures and beautiful masterpieces. Just like having a perfect wax figure, you can also play. All my dolls have different sizes. I like them very much, but I must say that this is my last sex doll. Having her is like winning a lottery.

2019-08-13 06:22:15

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