I Am So Interested in Japanese Sex Doll



How do you feel about sex dolls, positive or negative. Ok, we can't be sure here because I can't organize this particular experiment. But I will have a negative impact on the doll. As a child, I saw the 'prankster', in which an evil doll/clown tried to kill a little boy with almost a nervous breakdown. On the one hand, I am very scared of sex dolls, always. They don't wake me up, I can't sleep with one person in the room.

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In fact, I think my doll fear is part of the reason why I am so interested in Japanese sex doll. When the doll leaves, do you feel any emotion after the doll disappears. I think, I am relieved! For a number of reasons, both are practical (I don't have much space in my position) and psychology (see the doll fear above). When the doll is nearby, do you feel that 'someone' is with you. Yes, I definitely have this feeling, but not very good.

2019-08-13 08:48:45

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