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I Realized The Dream of Having D Cup Sex Doll



The real sex doll is my photography studio doll, she is very good at it. I also realized the dream of having a real doll. I will miss it very much. I like the scale realism of urdolls, she is in all aspects a "brick house" built by the lady and Emma's face, I am in paradise. Body 7 is my other favorite. I want to shoot a friend Miss. And it must be said that this sex doll body is perfect in all aspects. To satisfy my taste.

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If it's just a touch of more loot, the sex doll will be perfectly perfect. However, the body hit the regular gym and had a medium-sized tension, which was great. This is the first company to produce a perfect dream girl. My girl next door is the girl I play and sleep with. I love the delicate figure of her exquisite carving. She was shaped by a local lady of Patrick. He told me a good story about how the molding process evolved. Her husband is a very lucky person. It is a wonderful experience to hold the body of this sex doll in your arms at night.

2019-08-13 06:15:31

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