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Many Men Like The Their Japanese Sex Doll



They are good and loyal husbands. Sex dolls are better than real women who don't understand men because they want to prove how good a woman is. Many women do not have sex. There are many men who like their wives - serious, down-to-earth, caring, all sorts of wonderful qualities. But sex dolls provide a feminine fantasy. Excited or something they lack.

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In my personal case, I grew up to be an only child, no sister, and went to a men's school when I was 15 years old. I crushed girls, but they are always different. Human breeds are different, very attractive, and there are some Platonic girlfriends (maybe hope that there is no sexual excitement). I met my wife and happily got married twenty-five years old. In this year, there were three sons and no daughters. For me, a Japanese sex doll is the fun of losing sex before marriage. It is also a woman whose sister is missing.

2019-08-13 07:44:48

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