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I Think It Is Crazy to Talk to Japanese Sex Doll



If some sex doll owners care about how mass media will portray doll ownership. Then maybe they should pick up the things in their hands and tell the truth about the world. There are many “lifestyles” and, frankly, the world should know the truth. The doll owner is just an ordinary person who likes dolls. simple. Rather than relying on the tendency to protect people. The doll community should welcome their basic facts. They may not know the ownership of sex dolls at all. You can be a person who illuminates the positive characteristics of doll ownership for greater benefit.

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Ok, I can see what happens. And I don't think it would be especially crazy to talk to Japanese sex doll. In this case, I often talk to my cat. If I don't have a cat, will I talk to the doll? (Sorry to continue bringing the cat in). Ok. doubt. I can imagine a background that I can talk to a doll: for example, if I need to put her in a cupboard or something, she will keep falling. I might talk to the doll. Just like you are not working properly on your computer or continue to do stupid things.

2019-08-13 08:35:25

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