Why Do Men Prefer Japanese Sex Dolls



This is also an important analytical background, why men prefer sex dolls. Why do men get married and enjoy dolls. And why the doll doesn't just want to analyze as an outsider. I am writing about the care and consideration of this topic, and summed up many ordinary men, married and happy married and dolls, divorced with dolls and happy unmarried, thinking about this topic found boring, because she thinks this is not ordinary people, it is not very interesting, Not suitable for feminist narratives. She wants to think that the attraction of men to sex dolls is unusual. New and different sexual desires, as well as insults to women.

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My posts cover all of these issues extensively. Although this is just my opinion, what I want to say is. Acting to promote a person's interest in your lifestyle only indicates that one wants to alienate himself as part of a niche. Such actions will only magnify a major point that many snipers are trying to guard against. The key is that the doll owner is a strange, hermit-like person. Because we are not like odd or hermits. We should think that dolls have the same open attitude that we get from others. Many people's Japanese sex doll ownership is not just a hobby, but a way of life.

2019-08-13 08:16:39

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