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There Are Many Different Reasons to Own D Cup Sex Doll



Sex doll owners come from different backgrounds and have dolls for many different reasons. Collectors, dolls themselves to art, gender, companionship, photographers and more. I am by no means a doll expert, but these are some misunderstandings or assumptions about doll ownership that I have read or read. This is a tricky issue. The reason is that the media is a hype engine. They want to see what a common feeling or sex doll trend is. Then hype it by talking about it constantly.

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There is a saying that I have heard such a statement. Before you talk about sex dolls, you are a nobody. I think this is a gossip girl (yes, I have seen it before! No comment! > _> LOL) So I won't say too much because it is society and they are "normal" and what is "deviant". Think of the weird form of performance depicted in the movie, this is the same mentality. "The other" or "they" is the disconnection of this thing or creature from "we" because the latter is considered normal and has a good moral stand. To a certain extent, this way of thinking is not just a sex doll. It's with race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, nationality... your name.

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