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Personal information

  • Name:Nancy
  • Birthday:Feb 14
  • Hobbies:Watch Porn Videos
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United Kingdom



Student Council President

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158CM Nancy's information introduction:

At this level of love still needs to be clarified, there are many wrong clichés or clichés that cannot be cut off and must be moved. Sadly, many people are disabled as a result of accidents or living in war zones. In the most troubled areas of conflict, people are often injured by shrapnel, gunfire or stepping on IED bombs.

Nancy is a bit of a singularity, she is a strong student council president. The position of the middle school student union is somewhat special, and she is selected by the student council as the president just to perform this special position within one year. Although the results are good, but his maverick personality is indeed uncomfortable.

"I am a person who doesn't like being tied. I like to be alone. Do what I want to do. Don't care about other people's opinions." When we interviewed Nancy, she said this. Although it is. But when she was asked about sex, she told us that she had seen a lot of porn videos and magazines at home, playing every night, even if she was outdoors during the day. I imagine a man is stroking her. Body, do some dirty things for her.
The camera is almost free of your own hands, and it is easy to collect evidence of the event when managing or looking for special abilities. Can kick the foot to a person's height, and carry out a combo. At the beginning, you can use this trick for you. You can also hit the enemy's head and kick with your feet. The special ability is to remove one's body shape from the perspective of others, but others can touch it, and it can only be applied to one person.
If you are a strong person, you can only imagine it every day. When you want to be alone, someone will accompany you and vent your anger. You will find that Nancy will be your best choice. When she is single, hurry up to have her.
This is a 158 cm tall sex doll. She has a very cool hip and big breasts. You can use her with confidence. She gives you a real feeling. Enhance your experience.