Personal information

  • Name:Rita Berkeley
  • Birthday:Jul 8
  • Hobbies:Collecting hat
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Japan

Name:Rita Berkeley

Name:Rita Berkeley

Restaurant waiter

Background information about Rita Berkeley:

Rita's petite, looks and affectionate, introverted, quiet and clever, very afraid of life, very shy girl. Reticent, always bow his head, always speak out intermittent words when he speaks. Whenever she is in a state of paralysis, she will adopt a silence and an apology. Known as a "sister" by a good friend. She is a realistic sex doll.
She is a waitress in a small restaurant. She is very popular in the area because of her sweet appearance. Many people are here. Just to be able to meet her perfectly. Do you want to have dinner with her?
When you first started working with a woman working in this small restaurant, you happened to close. Throughout the night, you have been trying to keep your thoughts away from her ass and the commands I am making. But you have to enter the refrigerator twice to "cool down." Finally, this place is closed, you know you shouldn't do it, but she gets too tempted... when you lean on the counter she just wiped. At all times, you are working hard. She got up, so she sat on the counter, stretched out to untie your pants, took off your penis, and stroked it to keep it hard. As she lifted her skirt, she pushed her panties aside and guided you into her body. She hurried to the edge of the counter and wrapped her legs around her waist. God, it’s too hot, your knees are almost coming out from below. When you are done, you must clean the counter again and then complete your housework. Then you go back to her position, and so on.
She has an honest and calm personality, but it does not mean that she has a serious character and a smart mind. In fact, her brain is not good, and it is a stupid to helpless fool, but it is ignored because of the pampering people around. I also admit that I am not a good boy. I will steal my father's beer at home, and the amount of alcohol seems to be very large. I am slow to be malicious. Since growing up in a loved environment, it is basically impossible to imagine others deceiving themselves, and there is no need to doubt people.
She likes to collect hats and is not used to seeing others. The long bangs did not diverge, but let them hang down. Most of them would wear hats when they went out, and they would cover their eyes with low pressure. I don't want to see others, and I don't want to be seen by others. I have never been to a beauty salon. I used to help my parents to get a haircut. Now I am coming by myself. The jacket and trousers of the same color as the hat are rarely exposed. The long bangs are not divided, but let them hang down.