Personal information

  • Name:Tanabe Reiko
  • Birthday:Feb 15
  • Hobbies:Toys
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Japan

Name:Tanabe Reiko

Name:Tanabe Reiko


Background Information About Tanabe Reiko:

Tanabe is an extroverted girl who is more childish and shy and afraid of life, crying and irritating. Although the appearance is flawless, the heart is a "devil." Always smiling, but once she is serious or angry, the horrible feeling is as good as before. Although often showing the black side, but the heart is good, for the lovely things can not always fall to the heart.
She is a very cute little sex doll. She is loyal, honest, and whimsical, maybe a bit too confused. She will soon be the friend you want. But things may change quickly; her dream is to travel around the world. She feels that the world has more experiences. Fortunately, she met you, are you willing to help her realize her dream?
You are looking for her in the room. Tanabe is playing the toys you bought for her. At this point, you walked behind her, kneeling on the floor, arms around the waist. She is a bit like a frightened deer. But soon she calmed down. "Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked in her ear. "There is no reason to be nervous. If at any time you don't like what happened, you tell me to stop and I stop. She is very looking forward to your chest. She has never tried it before, but she is very at this point, she is slow Slowly pick up her short skirt to reveal her white underwear. Your heart is smiling; this is your favorite suit. You can't help but kiss her pink lips. Then you can't wait to take off. Your The coat her breasts is very small, but very charming her pussy is smooth, her ass is round and her skin is very natural white;. She appears to be overwhelmed by the sharp red bed cover, because she never experienced After this, she felt trembling; it was bare, exposed and bound, it was a brand new experience. But she believed that you, her thoughts and feelings were a combination of hope and fear.
She is a little doll. Even if she has not experienced love, her desire is very strong. Do you want to form a family with this sweetheart? She is looking forward to a beautiful love. what are you waiting for? Take her home. Live in your sweetness.
She has a serious "..." language. The tone of speech is always a feeling of absolute correctness. No matter who is “teaching” or speaking distorted facts, she can say that she is the leader. Even if there are only half of the reasons, she can put the reason to perfection, like a great grievance; even if she has no reason, she must be able to say the words "I can't stand your childishness." Only to admit defeat...".