Personal information

  • Name:Rin
  • Birthday:Jul 10
  • Hobbies:Reading
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:China




Background information about Rin:

Rin's heart is kind, and he is equally gentle to anyone. Acting conscientiously, one-on-one, paying attention to laws and norms, strictly to the extent of heterogeneity. Because of growing up in a special family environment, I don't want to be regarded as a person who has gone astray, based on this little temper, causing her to obey the commandments.
Rin is a Chinese. She has a fascinating F-cup big breasted sex doll. Many people can't help but want to marry it. She is very, very fair, maybe a bit too cold. This is very common for friends around her. She was born in an ordinary family in the capital. She has always been a very independent girl. She moved out of the house until she was 15 years old. Start looking for the life you desire. After moving out, she encountered a lot of setbacks. But she never gave up. With her wisdom and enthusiasm, nothing prevents her from reaching her full potential. She will soon become a force to be reckoned with. In order to face the difficulties in life, don't let yourself be killed. She has always insisted on fitness. This will keep her in a state of mind. It can also put yourself in trouble. But who really knows what will happen; she is still trying to improve her skills. She thinks the world is more than we know. Fortunately, she has several good friends to support her.
Her only wish is to be an ordinary girl. In order to become an ordinary girl and reluctantly, from a young age, avoiding the reality that is not conducive to oneself, and constantly cutting his own heart, will not be conducive to cutting out his "I" (dark side), in order to maintain the original purity and refined. In this way, she was born beautiful.
She has a wealth of knowledge, and the library's collection is almost finished after she was around 15 years old. With keen insight, in any situation, you can make a correct judgment, and it is also seen by the opponent as a very difficult existence.
The results always last for the first year of the school year, and the first place has not been released since the first grade. Not only in the school, but also in the national simulation test also took the first place. However, I am not planning to go to college and I am not planning to take office. I plan to travel to the world in two years after graduation. In October and November, the application for suspension of school was submitted, and it is planned to spend a month traveling around the world for a week. When she called, it was polite phone etiquette to let the people who hit the past hang. She likes children very much.