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Will my wife let me have sex doll?

Don Webb
Feb 21, 2019 22:18

Many customers ask us questions about whether the wife agrees to buy sex dolls. Because sex dolls are often difficult to avoid their wives. Unless you are not living together, once you are discovered, you are likely to cause doubts from your partner. In fact, the answer to this question can only be obtained from your wife. What we can tell you is that many happy couples incorporate sex dolls into their sex life and like this experience. When you have sex, you want to find a multiplayer game. Stimulating, but don't want to be betrayed by partners. Sex dolls are your best choice. They can effectively circumvent this. Therefore, it is always worth trying to ask this topic to see if your wife is keen to try. If your wife disagrees with your suggestion, you can choose our mini 100cm doll. Your wife can collect them easily without being discovered by your wife.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 15:35

It depends on whether you and your wife are a broad-minded person. In general, these sex dolls bridge the gap between fantasy and reality without compromising social ethics.