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Will sex dolls affect my sexuality towards women?

Ben Gray
Feb 18, 2019 19:36

This problem depends on personal factors. Every man's sexual desire is different from that of a woman, so everyone has a different answer to this question. Most men find that they are more satisfied with real sex dolls than women. Because you face sex dolls, you can focus on your venting. Enjoy the good times you can liberate. The urdolls mini 100 doll will make you feel satisfied. You will not be affected by the mismatch with women's sexual desire. If you have high sexual desire, sex dolls will be your best choice. It does not affect your sexual desire to women.

Tab Conan
Jul 20, 2019 15:25

Some people like to have a doll because they need emotional help after losing their partner. They may not be ready to go on a date yet, nor do they like to live alone. Therefore, they buy a sex doll to keep them in touch until they are lonely and then they return to the same old self.