Personal information

  • Name:Adam Harrington
  • Birthday:Sep 2
  • Hobbies:Cooking
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Adam Harrington

Name:Adam Harrington

Pregnant woman

Background information for Adam Harrington:

Adam's personality is afraid of being gloomy and gloomy, but he doesn't like to talk, but he is very vocal in his own field; his speech is very vicious, because he is not friendly, he is isolated by people around him; his self-respect is very strong, it is the kind of passion for things. A strong girl who is going to do it; super easy to be shy and not easy to confide in the truth, there is a tendency to be praised to cover up shyness and anger; in addition, after focusing on one thing, you can't see the tendency next to it. She is a very realistic sex doll.
Perhaps on countless desolate nights, you are always alone, reviewing your life, and all the memories come to mind. Have fun and regret. Do you especially want to make up for your regretful decision, maybe she can give you a chance to come back again. When you see other families in happiness, when the neighbor next door is about to welcome the newborn, will you miss the pregnant wife or want to live with the pregnant partner? At this time she can meet all your needs.
She is very good at cooking, good at cooking, and her confidence will not be lost to Tamura Masa, but it is the only embarrassment to be more like a green dish than that of Manai, but this dish is highly praised by the healthy Tongna. . Although his own lunch is quite refined, the nutritional value is quite low. The food I like is fish.
Just a few months ago, Adam discovered that her husband was derailed. She decisively left her husband and found that she was pregnant. But she thinks the child is innocent, so she decided to have a baby. She is currently a lonely person, and as her abdomen gets bigger, her behavior becomes less convenient. She desperately needs a warm person to take care of, so she came to our platform. You are a gentleman. Are you confident to take care of her? Of course, in return, she will also meet your needs. Do you fantasize about having sex with a pregnant woman, her belly and a big ass, and you definitely don't want to miss this combination. Hey, take her home now, you will have a new, warm home. Your future life will be very exciting.
Because the clothes chosen by the mother were quite plain, influenced by the animation, the five began to sew their own Gothic Loli. When I go out, I always wear my own role-playing costumes, while at home I usually wear plain sportswear or ordinary clothes.