Personal information

  • Name:Cynthia Grace
  • Birthday:Sep 12
  • Hobbies:Learn
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Cynthia Grace

Name:Cynthia Grace


Background information about Cynthia Grace:

Cynthia is a strong, intelligent and hard-working girl who has a strong sense of responsibility for everything. Her weakness is fear of ghosts and dullness. Her favorite thing is to work hard to do something and help others. The food she likes to eat is beef. The food that she doesn't like is none (in fact, she doesn't like carrots). The person she likes needs someone who is nice to her.She is a very realistic sex doll.
"My job is very cautious. The room I cleaned is very clean. I believe your family should need me very much." Cynthia told the lady.
She is good at learning, aikido, running (continuous participation in all kinds of running in sports festivals, all except the obstacles), reviewing and typing (helping the vice president to be extremely fast), table tennis (or even left hand) Playing, great strength.) Not good at cooking (making rice balls like shots), sewing.
She is interviewed as a babysitter today. But unfortunately, the lady did not hire her. The reason is that she is too hot. She is currently powerless. Then you saw her. She is very attractive. When you are lying on the sofa watching TV, you will start to dream. Cynthia dressed in a maid costume, squatting in front of you. Her plump breasts are about to break the clothes. Sexy big ass shakes in front of you. Her hips are very generous. It gives you a very real feeling. This is easy to catch...
She is the first female student president of high school, with a beautiful girl with long brown hair. After the father owes the next ass debt, the human body evaporates suddenly. Meixi has hated the boys since then. He likes girls very much. He is very caring for the school girls and friends. In order not to lose to the boys, they strive to become "the courage of both civil and military," so they learned. Aikido. In the eyes of many boys in school, it is the embodiment of "terror and demons."