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Personal information

  • Name:Sabina Coleridge
  • Birthday:Jun 20
  • Hobbies:Participate in activities
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Sabina Coleridge

Name:Sabina Coleridge


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Background Information About Sabina Coleridge:

Some men are not the kind of men who get along well with women in the modern world. There are many reasons. Sometimes they don't have the pick-up ability that others have. There are 2 gorgeous sizes of this gorgeous blonde doll. Choose where you want her to ship.

Sabina is a beautiful woman with a good character. His character is cold and arrogant, always giving people an inaccessible feeling. She has a super ability to read the mother's mind when she was a child, so she feels terrible, alienated by her family, leaves a shadow in her heart, and does not want to believe in others. In fact, I am always looking for someone who can identify with myself.

She was born and grew up in a decent family in a commercial port. It wasn't until she was about 14 years old that she had not been in trouble, but at that moment everything changed. This also made her strong and keen. But this is just a facade, a mechanism to deal with her terrible past. She lost her parents and is committing crimes in the epidemic. Although the stranger insisted, she must raise her sister to support her. But with her determination and strength, she has experienced many hardships. Today turned her into a woman. Although she is still moving forward, she can now help as a rental house. By doing so, she hopes to find a warm seaport, a man with a thick chest that he can rely on. Finally found the happiness she has never had before and the love of life.
When you look at her skinny jeans and vest, reveal white lace underwear. Is this your favorite suit? When you can't help but walk to her, kiss her with pink lips. Then leave and let her take off. Her breasts are beautiful b cups, her pussy is smooth, her ass is round. You can't help but touch her bending impulses, grab her arm and guide her to the bed. She wrapped a black silk goggle around her eyes and pressed it tightly on her long curly hair. You can guide her with both hands, turn her over and let her face him, then pat the wrist on the headboard. She felt a trembling; it was a brand new experience, it was bare, exposed and bound. She is a very realistic TPE sex doll. But she believes in you, her thoughts and feelings are a combination of expectation and fear. Before it started, it gave her a boost and a hurry.
She doesn't like a lot of food, and her partial eclipse is probably not lost to anyone. The first is "tomato", especially "raw tomatoes", fresh vegetables and the like. But I really like to eat Italian seafood noodles (this dish usually uses a lot of tomato or tomato sauce), but I hate tomatoes but love to add tomatoes. In addition, although she likes to eat "strawberry", she also likes to eat "ice cream" but she does not like to eat "strawberry ice cream". It is very difficult to fully understand her preference for food. In her own blog, she said that when she participated in the event, she hoped someone could wave a red fluorescent stick for her.