Personal information

  • Name:Jessie Dunbar
  • Birthday:Aug 1
  • Hobbies:Swimming
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Jessie Dunbar

Name:Jessie Dunbar


Background information about Jessie Dunbar:

Jessie works with talented and influential partners, learning constantly, styling people of all kinds of famous people, exploring the possibilities of dressing up with them, living, working and training in different styles of the country... I have accumulated many years of experience in styling, and I have learned a lot about it. I also share the delicate feelings of some little things in my life and share them intimately.She is a very realistic sex doll.
“I really like the spotlights that illuminate me. I really like to be the focus of the audience, but I want to have a personal assistant to take care of my sex life,” Jesse said.
Modeling is a superficial thing, you can think of it as superficial, but it is also the most intuitive, fashion pursuit, in order to tell others to try it when updating quickly, and some parts of the same is to reveal yourself to some Some aesthetic persistence. Looking at a person's make-up, you can guess which part of her own self-confidence and lack of self-confidence, and looking at a person's hair style, you can guess what he is looking for.
She is a very charming European model. Whenever she walks the show, she always gives warm applause and cheers, not only because of her sexy body and beautiful face, but also because of her body. That kind of energy can show the characteristics of the clothing, and the beautiful clothes can also show her charming body. Do you want to buy beautiful clothes for her and become her personal assistant? Take her home. Because your vagina may be very painful.
Her favorite color is white, her favorite animal is a cat, the favorite food is a dessert, and the favorite accessories are glasses, watches, shoes. Her favorite sport is swimming and fitness. The things I like are food, travel.