Personal information

  • Name:Lynn
  • Birthday:Aug 29
  • Hobbies:Collection
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:Japan




Background information about Lynn:

Lynn was very afraid of ghosts, and she often cried. The worst cry was in Alice's post-inspection test, and for a variety of reasons, she cried a total of six times. Her personality is very calm, but when it comes to important things related to oranges, it will be more intense, but it is still calmer than ordinary children. Personality is very far from Mandarin. For the friendship between two people, sometimes it makes the people around you feel unbelievable.
Lynn is a popular silicone sex doll that offers multi-touch near the bed (requires an extra $100) and smart conversation (English only, $200 extra). She also has a lower body hairstyle and standing function for you to choose from. We will also present a series of gifts. Her hobby is to collect cute things, the dream is to marry someone like Dad.
With the lessons of the past, she is now making large tournaments. By doing so, she hopes to find happiness and happiness in her life and eventually find stability and security she has never had before.
She is a 26-year-old former local activist. She is considerate and clever, but she is also very unstable and a bit sadistic. This can be answered by the horrible people of the past. She was born and raised in a decent family in a developing village. She lived quietly until about 4 years old, but at the time, the situation changed dramatically. After being destroyed after a shortage of food, she lost her home and was abandoned by everyone.
In order to survive, she must survive in the criminal world. However, due to her enthusiasm and embarrassment, she managed to stay dangerous and smash all of this. This made her a woman today.
Her tongue is poisonous, meaning that she likes to spit in Mandarin and her IQ is super high. Her love is a bit difficult to understand, seemingly indifferent, actually very gentle, in some ways similar to jujube, but because of Mandarin, did not feel alienated.