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Personal information

  • Name:Elsa Morse
  • Birthday:Dec 18
  • Hobbies:Painting
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:China

Name:Elsa Morse

Name:Elsa Morse


Background information about Elsa Morse:

Elsa's character was timid and weak, and he gradually became brave and had a sense of justice. He dared to face all difficulties until he had the courage to bully others. Her specialties are archery, horseback riding, painting. Her identity is a student. Her favorite animals are beagle, lion, and black cat. Her favorite flowers are cosmos, silver lotus, and rose.
She wants to experience the feeling of being spanked - don't spank or be punished for doing something wrong. She wants an erotic spanking and feels the pain and sting of her body. Everyone in life will face the most helpless time. I believe that you are no exception. When you are alone, you always feel lonely. Do you feel fear and anxiety when you return to the empty room after work?
Elsa is a very lively little sex doll. She is 100 cm tall. She is cheerful. She has been to any corner of the house. Includes wardrobe, under the bed, etc. When she accidentally broke something, her face always looked bad. Come to you and admit her mistakes. When you see her cute little face full of tears. You can't stand to beat her. Grab her and comfort her. In fact, you are very happy. Because you know that the home is a little naughty. This is the best gift for you. She can calm your anxiety. After Elsa is with you, your life has a goal. That is to let her grow up healthy and happy. If you take her home, you won't regret it. In her time, you will say goodbye to loneliness and anxiety. Because she is so cute, it can calm your heart and make you feel the care of life. She will be your perfect life partner.
You can imagine a petite girl with a smile and a shy smile. The neck is white and delicate, like ivory. The cheeks are pink, like the roses that bloom in May. The black eyes under the delicate eyebrows are bright and bright. The sky blue long skirt and the ground, the tailored fit, the waist and the waist are tightly tied with a bright and flexible wide band, and the belt is also inlaid with colorful gemstones such as topaz and agate.