Personal information

  • Name:Claire Julian
  • Birthday:Sep 6
  • Hobbies:Cherry blossom viewing
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Claire Julian

Name:Claire Julian

College Students

148CM Claire Julian's information introduction

Claire has beautiful girls with silvery hair, wheat-colored skin and green eyes. She is an "Avenger" who has picked up any feelings she needs for revenge until she encounters a flow and her fate has turned. Because of the beautiful posture of the battle, it is called "Angel with a black wing" and has superb combat skills and strength. It is your most important sexual partner to survive with the flow through and to die.
"My breasts are too heavy. They are always shaking when they are exercising. It has become my burden. They are getting more and more bloated. I don't know what it means, maybe they have other more important roles. Please look at me. The eyes tell me loudly, do you want to give me a stimulating love on the stairs? I will untie your pants. Put your hard cock in your mouth. Continue to suck... Oh! Damn. Someone is coming," Claire said excitedly.
She is a green-eyed college student. At the same time she is also a very realistic sex doll. She usually likes to have sex with her boyfriend in a public place where no one is present. Currently, she has tried school stairs, roofs, classrooms, toilets and playgrounds. Not long ago, she broke up with her boyfriend. She is currently looking for a new boyfriend. She plans to go to the library, shopping malls and other places to try. If you have a better idea, it would be better. Her areola is very large. When you make love, her breasts keep shaking up and down. You can try her vagina, anus and mouth. Each one can bring you an unprecedented feeling. When you have her, you will be amazed at her truth. I can hardly find the difference between real people. She won't complain, you can love her all day. Live in your fantasies. You will find that your life is very interesting.
She occasionally has some natural stays. She likes to drink cuckoo apple tea and loves to watch cherry blossoms and parrots. She is prone to seasickness and heat. Allergic to alcohol, smelling too much. Her interest is to watch cute little animals (which are also considered cute little animals).