Personal information

  • Name:Pamela Spender
  • Birthday:Dec 1
  • Hobbies:Potted plants
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Pamela Spender

Name:Pamela Spender


Background information about Pamela Spender:

Pamela looks like a natural girl with big glasses, and she is an ordinary girl. She likes gardening, potted plants, and likes to use "I am not happy" to express any emotions of her own. She is very concerned about her friends and saved Ipoh Sakura. There are excellent abilities in the battle, but the usual life is always a mess. When you lie, you will wipe the glasses while whispering and looking around.She is a very realistic sex doll.
"I have a unique way of interrogating criminals. No matter how strong his will is, I can tame them. Can you believe this is true? Maybe this is just an excuse for you. From this series of work." I have never failed. "Pamela said very proudly.
Life is very poor because of childhood. The reason for the ability often leads to excessive blood loss and anemia. It is also necessary to eat a lot of supplemental nutrition, so it is even poorer. Because I like gardening, I used to invest tens of thousands of dollars in a single potted plant to cultivate meticulously. Often, even the rent and food expenses can't be found. So poor enough to eat even the rice.
She is a professional interrogator. She is currently interrogating criminals in US prisons. Due to her outstanding performance, she was hired to interrogate international criminals or organizations. But there is one thing that makes everyone confused, this is not a person. Know how she told the criminal to tell all the secrets. Her request was that when she interrogated the prisoner, she could not monitor and eavesdrop on the equipment in the room. But in the end, she always does a good job. She interrogated the props brought by the prisoner as a whip. What are you doing to her and the prisoners in the room? Only know when you commit a major crime. Maybe you can take her home and let her tell you.
In order to make money, I used to work as a model part-time in the photo studio, and most of the photos I took were bought by good friends. I was very embarrassed to find a lot of photos when I went to a friend's house, but I was surprised that my friends remembered their birthdays. Later, after his own efforts, he became an interrogator.