Personal information

  • Name:Ronald Rebecca
  • Birthday:Dec 7
  • Hobbies:Photography
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Ronald Rebecca

Name:Ronald Rebecca

Video anchor

Background information about Ronald Rebecca:

In junior high school, she is a very normal girl. She will be like all her peers, love beauty, like to talk about gossip, have friends, and like to go to the streets. At that time, when she admitted to the boy who liked it for a long time, she was rejected by the other party and was said to be an "ugly woman." Since then, she has been ruined, self-destructive, addicted to darkness and horror, no longer making friends, no longer looking in the mirror. No longer pay attention to appearance, staying in the room all day to deal with dark and terrible things, in order to form a later hobby and inferiority.She is a very realistic sex doll.
"When you see my photos, what are you thinking, do you want a crazy adventure? You can see now that I often take some of my own art and publish them. On the Internet, just to find my beloved Lovers. Is that person going to be you?" Ronald said in a small video.
When she was in high school, her aunt was forced to stay in the villa and live in the villa with four beautiful men. Because she is too sexy, the boys fainted + nosebleeds.
She is a person with personality. In her opinion, she believes that the right thing will not be hesitate to complete, and will not care about other people's opinions. Her personality and practice may make it difficult for many people around her to understand. But there are many fans on the Internet who support her, probably because of her personality and, of course, because of her body. Her big breasts are tall and tall, as if to break her clothes. Sexy big ass makes a lot of people want to insert. Of course, there are a lot of people who leave a message under the photos she posted. They hope to have a strong sexual relationship with her. She also knows this, but she doesn't care, and seems to show some excitement. Have you seen it online? Do you have her information? Do you really know her mother? Take her home to learn more.
Her aunt is the owner of this villa. Train your niece as a tenant to train a normal first-rate lady (also known as the perfect lady) and open it. “Just let Ronald be a real lady, the rent for the next three years is free.” Since then, her extraordinary life has begun...